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Curious about becoming a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner?

Do you:

  • See people around you not living up to their potential, stuck in situations that they would rather not be in, or generally in a rut?

  • Feel unsure what to say when people ask your advice, not knowing how to help them?

  • Hear people complain about their lives and wish there was something you could do for them?

  • Get tired of not being taken seriously when you bring out your beloved Essential Oils?

Would you like to:

  • See people awakening to their true potential, realizing their dreams and goals?

  • Feel confident in your ability to create positive change for every client, and feel satisfied that you have made a difference in someone’s life?

  • Hear people express gratitude every day for how much you have helped them?

  • Be known as the go-to professional in your community to help people to experience breakthroughs in all areas of life?

Aroma Freedom Certification is a Professional Level Training to enable you to help people realize their goals and charge for your services.

Aroma Freedom Techniques are gentle yet profound.  They use a combination of Young Living Essential Oils with specific focusing techniques and coaching to create a permanent shift in outlook and perspective.  They use the principle of Memory Reconsolidation to re-wire neural pathways and bring clarity, peace, and optimism.

Although the techniques can be learned from the book for personal use, there are some aspects of working with clients that need to be learned through professional instruction, mentoring, and supervision.  That is why Dr. Perkus created the Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification Training.  People love the personal and professional growth that occurs through this process.

How effective is Aroma Freedom?

Results from 3400+ sessions logged during Aroma Freedom Academy training show that in a single Aroma Freedom session, most participants moved from feeling frustrated, stuck, or hopeless about their goal, to feeling hopeful, confident and empowered.  

These kinds of consistent results are what have made Aroma Freedom the go-to modality to help people get un-stuck and moving in a positive direction again.  

How to read this chart:

At the beginning of a session, the client rates how “possible” the goal feels to them, from 0=Hopeless to 10=Confident.  With each “round” of Aroma Freedom, the goal is rated again.

These results show that clients move from a 3-4 rating to an 8+ rating over the course of 3 rounds, which takes about 20-30 minutes.

As a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, you can:

  • Charge for your services
  • Develop coaching programs for the specific population you want to serve
  • Lead group sessions
  • Work online or in-person
  • Have the confidence to work with any client, as well as know when to refer to other professionals
  • Receive support and training from The Aroma Freedom Academy

Watch Aroma Freedom in action:

Upcoming Certification Classes: