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Aroma Freedom Technique Results

The Aroma Freedom Technique produces rapid and predictable results!

A study of over 300 individual AFT sessions has shown consistent improvement in confidence about achieving one’s goals in just 10-20 minutes:

0=Feeling totally hopeless that one’s goal can be reached.

10=Feeling totally confident that one can reach one’s goals.

Before the session, people feel on average somewhat hopeless (about a 3):

After one round of AFT (taking 5-10 minutes), people feel about halfway between hopeless and confident (about a 5):

After a second round of AFT, people feel quite confident (about an 8):

 The majority of people have moved from hopeless about their goal to confident – in about 20 minutes.

Once we are confident about a goal we can take the actions needed to accomplish it.  AFT does not guarantee that we will reach our goal, but it gets us moving towards it.

AFT reliably helps people to shift to a positive mindset.  This is so powerful because a positive and happy mindset has been linked with better performance, increased learning and accuracy, as well as overall life satisfaction.

If you have a few minutes watch what Harvard Lecturer Shawn Achor has found about this connection.  AFT could be ranked among the positivity-inducing methods that he outlines at the end: 


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