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If you are just new to learning about The Aroma Freedom Technique, the first place to start is to watch a demonstration.  Here is a 25 minute video of a session I did with Kimberlee recently.  Her goal was to be able to quiet the negative voices in her head that were telling her that she couldn’t accomplish her dreams.  In this session we cleared quite a few memories and you can tell by her expressions before and after that she feels much lighter and hopeful now.  At the end she gives a report of how she felt 6 days after the session.

(Note: I edited out a few seconds of pause time while she was smelling the oils or when she was accessing her negative thoughts.  She smelled the oils for about 30 seconds each time during the session).

If you are curious about what you saw and want to learn more, you can get the book to learn how to do the technique on yourself, family and friends, or you can take a course or enroll in certification if you want to dig deeper with this technique or charge for sessions.

Dr. Perkus